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gsIn ancient China, people believed a round▓ egg symbolized a happy life and eating eggs on the day of Start of Summer was a prayer for good▓ health. They put leftover tea into boiled water to▓gether

were arranged in the color red,

with eggs and the original "tea egg" was created. Later people improved cooking methods and added spices to the eggs to make them taste delicious. Today tea egg has become a traditi▓onal sna

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ck in China.Egg CompetitionsAs an old Chinese saying goes "hanging an egg on children's chest ▓can prevent them from getting summer diseases", parents will▓ prepare boiled eggs and put them in a knitted bag before hanging them on their child's chest.When at ▓school, children gather together

ficials' dress, the jade pendants,

to play egg compe▓titions by colliding each other's eggs in pairs and the one whose egg is not broken wins.Take care of▓ the heartAccording to Chinese traditional medicine, Start of Summer is a key time to moisten the heart. When the weather grows hotter dampness and hea▓t can affect hum

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an health. Food rich in vita▓mins and cool in nature is highly recommended. Vege▓tables, such as cucumber, tomato, watercress and celery and fruits that include watermelon, pear and strawberry are top recommendations.Please scan ▓the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Cod

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e to follow us on WechatEnshi is a little known prefecture in southwestern Hubei province, bordered by the Yangtze River to the north and Hunan prov▓ince to the south.Even people elsewhere i▓n Hubei seldom visit the place. Its residents live a simple, insular life, surrounded▓ by mountain

f summer and pray for a good harve

s that have kept Enshi off the na▓tional rail network.Taking shape during the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279), Enshi city is bu▓ilt on slow-rising slopes, and is defined by zigzagging▓ lanes and four grand gates. My exploration begins on a street outside the southern gate.A▓long the old

st.Chec▓king one's weightThe custom of weighing people at

the Start of Summer originated from the Three Kingdom

street, houses with stone door-frames, brick carvings, blue-tile roofs and high walls, v▓ie for my attention. Although the front gates are small, the houses are actually spacious inside▓, with some having a


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recent price surge stems from price rises on international markets.Qi J▓ingmei, Research Fel


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